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Family Wealth Planning

Estate planning review

Our deep experience in wealth management has taught us that building a legacy is a complex business. It involves lawyers, CPAs and investment advisors, and it calls for personalized financial strategies, integrated tax and income plan design, business management, and cash flow and liquidity management, just to name a few. The only path to success is partnership – bringing the client’s trusted advisors together as a team and making the best use of diverse talents in a cost-effective manner. That’s what we do. We don’t take the place of a client’s advisors – instead, we bring out their best abilities as we coordinate with them to achieve the client’s legacy goals.

Consultation with CPA accountant and attorney

We are personally involved in consultation meetings with our clients and the CPAs/accountants and attorneys involved in their estate planning processes. We serve as collaborator and mediator among the team of trusted advisers. If you don’t have an attorney for your estate planning needs, it’s recommended that you get one. Attorneys like the ones you can find at Cunningham Legal are particularly knowledgable in estate planning and helping you in regards to any issues you may have.

Assistance with asset location and funding the estate planning entities

At CapWealth, we help clients build a portfolio based on their goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, return objectives, tax situation and unique preferences. We ensure their assets are properly allocated in investments that will help them meet their financial goals. We also help them ensure that the trusts and other vehicles in their estate plan we can help ensure they get funded, properly titled. we help ensure they get funded appropriately.

Guidance regarding appropriate steps in the event of the death of a spouse or parent

The estate process can be one of the most difficult of all the processes we walk through with clients. While dealing with the grief and loss, clients are immediately swept up into a sequence of decisions that need to be made and steps that need to be taken. We go above and beyond to help clients get through this difficult time and ensure that they take the appropriate steps to ensure a smooth transition and execution of the deceased’s wishes.

Educational services for other family members, children and grandchildren

In order to successfully transfer wealth to one’s heirs, it’s important to talk to them about sound financial habits. We provide our CapWealth clients with a safe and structured framework for these conversations and provide necessary education that will help avoid wealth-draining traps like entitlement, careless spending and unrealistic expectations. From money camps to individual and family sessions, we love giving children the means to become successful stewards of wealth.

Educational and expense planning

Parents want their children to secure their own financial future with the help of a college education, but with the rise of annual college tuition, it can seem like a daunting task to start saving 10 or 15 years in advance, especially when saving for their own retirement at the same time. At CapWealth, our team is experienced in helping clients carefully plan for future college costs. We work with a number of educational funds, from 529s and educational savings accounts (ESAs) to educational trusts and UGMAs/UTMAs (custodial accounts under the Universal Gifts to Minors Act and the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act).

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