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Portfolio Construction


As a new client, you’ll first sit down face to face with us so that we can understand what you want your wealth to do for you, your family and future generations. Based on this, as well as any unique circumstances and your lifestyle, we construct a portfolio to solve your financial goals.


Factors We Consider

The amount of risk you are willing to take is one of the first things we look at before constructing your portfolio. You attach emotions to your investments, but we can help lessen the stress associated with investing and ensure comfort with your investment decisions. When clients feel uneasy about their portfolio, it usually indicates they have assumed too much or too little risk. Once we identify your risk profile, we match your risk parameters with the appropriate potential for returns.

Whether you want to save for retirement, buy your dream home, preserve wealth for future generations, establish a trust for your children or all of these goals, we understand how to invest with your timeline in mind. We help determine how much time it will take your investments to grow to match your goals. And we help you deal with the changes that accompany and affect your financial life.

With your risk parameters established, we evaluate whether the expected returns will meet your lifestyle needs as well as your goals.

We understand that capital gains are taxed differently than ordinary income, and we work diligently on tax efficiency for our clients.

Some clients feel morally obligated to decline investing in certain companies. For example, some clients with strong pacifist beliefs may rule out military-related investments. Similarly, legal obligations may prevent some clients from investing in specific companies due to employer policy or conflicts of interest. We understand these issues and can cater to these investors. We appreciate the differences among our clients and welcome the opportunity to locate outstanding replacements for the securities in which they are unable or unwilling to invest.


We then craft your Investment Plan—the ideal investment portfolio that takes into account our discussions and understanding of your risk tolerance, time horizon, need for returns and tax situation. One of the biggest reasons clients turn to us is our expertise in choosing the right securities for their portfolios.


Portfolio maintenance means monitoring your investments, reallocating funds and adapting your portfolio to meet your changing goals and objectives. After we establish your portfolio, we begin our ongoing process of reevaluation and reallocation. Your needs can shift in the same way that individual security values can fluctuate. You may start a new job, welcome a new baby or decide to retire early. Your financial goals, risk profile and desired investment outcome may change at various stages of your life. And we are here to navigate your portfolio through these major changes.

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