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Client Services Overview

Through a unique client-discovery session, paired with our proven research process, we provide investment advice and wealth management and planning services for all your needs.

Lifestyle & Wealth Management

Managing wealth is much more complex than simply investing in certain stocks. Sometimes big changes in peoples’ lives require extra financial care.

Retirement Solutions

If you reached retirement age today, you would spend approximately 20 years enjoying the retiree lifestyle. Chances are you’ll need about 75% of your current income each year to maintain the type of lifestyle you have now. Some may require more, others less.

Generational Planning

We divide generational wealth planning into two fronts: the current generation and future generations. If you want to successfully transfer your wealth to your children and grandchildren, talk to your heirs about sound financial habits. We can provide the safe and structured framework for this.

Estate Planning

Our deep experience in wealth management has taught us that building a legacy is a complex business. It involves lawyers, CPAs and investment advisors and calls for personalized financial strategies, integrated tax and income plan design, business management, and cash flow and liquidity management, just to name a few. No one advisor can do everything.

College Planning

Most wealthy parents want their children to secure their own financial future with the help of a college education. Especially when saving for your own retirement at the same time. At CapWealth, our team is experienced in helping clients carefully plan for future college costs.

Generational Education

Research shows that kids who are familiar with the way money works make better financial decisions when they grow older. Financial education can help them grow into financially independent adults who are neither debt-ridden nor entitled. Also of great importance: teaching them to be good, responsible stewards of wealth.

Millennial Advising

If you’re a successful millennial considering using a financial advisor, trust the instincts that have brought you to this page. At your stage, financial success may seem far away. But know that opportunities line your path.

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