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Generational Education

Children’s Education

Research shows that kids who are familiar with the way money works make better financial decisions when they grow older. We’re bombarded with money messages from television, movies and advertising, and children catch on fast. Better to begin teaching them the right lessons early than leave it to chance. Financial education can help them grow into financially independent adults who are neither debt-ridden nor entitled. Also of great importance: teaching them to be good, responsible stewards of wealth.

That’s why CapWealth holds Money Camp each summer for the children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces and nephews of clients. Money Camp gives children a broad financial overview, teaching them the four primary uses of money—saving, spending, investing and donating—as well as other basic and intermediate financial concepts.

Other Financial Education for Kids:

  • Individual Sessions: As part of our services, we also provide individualized private sessions (or sessions with multiple siblings) that cover topics specific to your family. From trusts and estates to stocks and bonds, we tailor these learning sessions to meet your family’s needs.
  • Regular Classes: For families of extraordinary or complex wealth, we recommend hosting a series of regular classes with the children that cover everything from the broadest points of the industry to the very specific, family-related financial topics. We also offer Skype courses for out-of-town children. While some families might need individual classes, most families choose to hold these courses for all their heirs who may one day have access to the family’s fortune. We promote harmony and teamwork among larger groups of children who will someday be working together to solve problems related to the family’s wealth.

Children’s Educational Topics May Include:

  • Short-term & long-term financial goals
  • Inflation and ways to combat it
  • The importance of investing early
  • Budgeting to meet your goals
  • Liquid vs. illiquid investments
  • How to select stocks to invest in (diversification)
  • Risk vs. return
  • And many more…

Women’s Seminars

Held quarterly or biannually, our Women & Wealth Seminars focus on financial issues important to female wealth holders. The Women & Wealth seminar series is presented by President and COO Phoebe Venable, CFA, and Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor Jennifer Pagliara – or hosted by other leading women in the Franklin and Nashville business community. The list below details some of the seminars we’ve held in the past:

  • Stock Market Superstitions
  • How Birth Order Can Impact Your Financial Life
  • Estate Planning
  • How to Read Your Statements
  • Financial Perspectives at Various Stages of a Woman’s Life

Investor Annual Seminars

At our annual seminars, we recap market activity and our investment strategies from the previous year and review our outlook and expectations for the coming year. We typically hold these seminars in mid-December or early January. But we are also flexible for our busy and out-of-town clients to ensure they can experience the seminars and receive the materials.

Semiannual or Quarterly Seminars of Your Advisor’s Choosing

We also host additional seminars in the CapWealth office that focus on relevant issues facing clients or the industry at large. If you can’t make it to our office, we can mail seminar materials directly to you. Past seminars include:

  • Motion of Investor Emotions
  • Hedging & Options
  • How to Read Your Statements
  • Market Recaps
  • Social Security
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