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1 Hunter Yarbrough, CPA, CFP®, Executive Vice President and Financial Planner - CapWealth | Nashville Financial Advisor
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Managing Director of Wealth Management
Caleb Alexander, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Traci Olive, Executive Vice President and Director of Client Operations at CapWealth
Traci A. Olive
Executive Vice President and Director of Client Operations
Jennifer Pagliara, CFP®, CTFA, Executive Vice President and Financial Planner
Jennifer Pagliara, CFP®, CTFA
Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor
Hunter Yarbrough, CPA, CFP
Hunter Yarbrough, CPA, CFP®
Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor
Grant Stark, CFA®
Director of Research
Ryan J. Hitt
Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
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Portfolio Manager
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Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Phoebe Venable, President and Chief Executive Officer at CapWealth
Phoebe Venable, CFA®
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hunter Yarbrough, CPA, CFP

Hunter Yarbrough, CPA, CFP®

Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor

  1. 615-778-0740
  2. hyarbrough@capwealthgroup.com
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Hunter came to CapWealth in 2018 from LBMC Investment Advisors, LLC, where he was an investment analyst and advisor.

He is a Certified Public Accountant and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and his background includes experience in both accounting and banking, as well as serving as Chief Financial Officer for a private business.

As Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor at CapWealth, Hunter works with clients to help them understand their finances, make wise financial decisions and steward their resources with excellence.

Hunter decided to pursue a career in investments and financial planning while studying at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He was a charter member of Samford’s Bulldog Investment Fund, a student-directed investment fund investing university dollars.

He is now an active member of the Tennessee Society of CPAs, American Institute of CPAs and Financial Planner’s Association of Middle Tennessee. He enjoys traveling, music and spending time with his family. Raised in Hendersonville, he and his wife currently live in Oak Hill with their three children.

You can reach Hunter at hyarbrough@capwealthgroup.com or by calling our office at 615.778.0740.

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