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1 Ryan J. Hitt, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer - CapWealth | Nashville Financial Advisor
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Ryan J. Hitt

Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

  1. 615.778.0740
  2. rhitt@capwealthgroup.com
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Ryan Hitt joined CapWealth in 2009. He leads the team in applying the firm’s modeled trading strategies, options trading and reporting, as well as leading CapWealth’s compliance department. His responsibilities include running CapWealth’s proprietary investment reporting system, called Provable Integrity® – which includes the acquisition, reconciliation and validation of all client data and ensuring that firm’s performance representation is compliant with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Additionally, Ryan is responsible for ensuring the firm’s compliance with the SEC and all applicable industry laws, regulatory requirements, policies and procedures, as well as establishing internal standards and procedures to assure the firm’s compliance. He has two decades of experience in portfolio operations, trading and the management of complex systems to support investment operations and reporting.

Prior to joining our firm, Ryan served as director of portfolio operations and trading at Carret Asset Management. Operations and trading positions at Credit Suisse First Boston, Morgan Keegan and other private institutional asset management firms round out his résumé. At Credit Suisse First Boston, Ryan implemented and managed a global reporting and trading platform for high-net-worth clients in the Americas and Europe.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Mississippi and his MBA from St. Peter’s College with an emphasis in Management. Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa and two daughters Ansley and Avery, as well as golfing, playing tennis and relaxing with the family in their beach house in Perdido Key, Florida.

You can reach Ryan at rhitt@capwealthgroup.com or by calling our office at 615.778.0740.

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