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1 Timothy R. Murphy, CFP®, Managing Director of Wealth Management - CapWealth | Nashville Financial Advisor
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Timothy R. Murphy, CFP®
Managing Director of Wealth Management
Caleb Alexander, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Traci Olive, Executive Vice President and Director of Client Operations at CapWealth
Traci A. Olive
Executive Vice President and Director of Client Operations
Jennifer Pagliara, CFP®, CTFA, Executive Vice President and Financial Planner
Jennifer Pagliara, CFP®, CTFA
Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor
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Hunter Yarbrough, CPA, CFP®
Executive Vice President and Financial Advisor
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Director of Research
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Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
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Portfolio Manager
Tim Pagliara
Founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Phoebe Venable, President and Chief Executive Officer at CapWealth
Phoebe Venable, CFA®
President and Chief Executive Officer

Timothy R. Murphy, CFP®

Managing Director of Wealth Management

  1. 615.778.0740
  2. tmurphy@capwealthgroup.com
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Marti Veto, Volunteer Spirit Award winner CapWealth Managing Director of Wealth Management and Franklin Tomorrow President Tim Murphy presents Kathie Moore with the Volunteer Spirit Award during the non-profit's 2016 Exemplary Community Volunteer Awards program.
CapWealth Managing Director of Wealth Management and Franklin Tomorrow President Tim Murphy presents Kathie Moore with the Volunteer Spirit Award during the non-profit group’s 2016 Exemplary Community Volunteer Awards program.

A Certified Financial Planner® since 1994, Timothy Murphy joined the firm in 2000 and engages in all aspects of investment counseling, portfolio management and personal financial planning, with a special emphasis in wealth management.

“We help clients make smart choices about their money so that no matter what happens with the market, the economy, or the world, they make progress toward reaching their financial goals,” Tim says. “Our problem-solving process leads us systematically toward the right strategies in investment advice, portfolio management, financial planning and retirement income management for each client. Our primary objective is to preserve and then enhance the future purchasing power of our clients’ wealth over the long term.”

Tim began his financial services career in 1986 as a financial advisor at Edward Jones before joining Hilliard Lyons in Franklin, Tennessee, where he worked until the CapWealth opportunity emerged. He successfully completed the CFP® Professional Education Program with the College for Financial Planning. He holds a license from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. Tim graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and the College for Financial Planning.

As a leader in his profession and his community of Franklin, he holds membership in the Financial Planning Association, served as chairman of the board for the FPA Middle Tennessee Chapter and served as a past president of the Institute of Certified Financial Planning, Middle Tennessee Chapter. He is president and board member of Franklin Tomorrow, a community visioning non-profit organization committed to the citizens and the future of Franklin; an emeritus board member and past campaign chair of the United Way of Williamson County; a graduate of Leadership Franklin Class of 2009;  a past board member of My Friend’s House Family and Children Services; and a Melvin Jones Fellow with the Franklin Lions Club.

Outside of the office, Tim enjoys hiking, traveling, reading and spending time with family.

You can reach Tim at tmurphy@capwealthgroup.com or by calling him directly at 615.778.0740

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